Our team of investigators and ombudsmen specialise in resolving complaints from small businesses about financial products and services. 

Our investigators

Our team of investigators look into complaints and provide initial assessments. We’re able to resolve most complaints informally at this stage. The cases we see can sometimes be complex, but our specialist investigators are experienced in helping to resolve complaints from small businesses. Theyre supported in their casework by our ombudsmen, and dedicated legal resource.

Our ombudsmen

Our ombudsmen have the power to make legally binding decisions. They make final decisions in cases where we cant resolve a small businesss complaint about a financial business more informally. If a small business accepts an ombudsmens decision, the financial business involved is bound by the decision. 


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  • Advisory group

    We receive support in our work with small businesses from a range of external experts who – while they dont decide individual cases – offer us their expertise on a range of industry specific issues and help inform our wider policy approach. 

    Our advisory group and expert panel

  • Complaints we can help with

    About 99% of UK small businesses are eligible to use our service, and we can consider complaints about most kinds of financial products and services provided in or from the UK. This page sets out in more detail the types of complaints we see and can look at. 

    Complaints we can help with