Dispute resolution that’s fair and impartial

The Financial Ombudsman Service for Small Businesses is a free and easy-to-use service that has the power to settle complaints between small businesses and financial services providers.

Can we help you?

About 99% of UK small businesses are eligible to use our service – read more about the size of business we can help or use our eligibility checker to find out more about who we can help. 

Who we can help 

If you’re a small business with a complaint

If you’re not happy with how a financial services business has handled your complaint, we can help. Making a complaint is straightforward and won't cost you anything.

How to complain 

If you’re not a small business

If you have a complaint about a financial business but you’re not a small business, head to our main Financial Ombudsman Service's website for more about how we help individual consumers.  


Financial Ombudsman Service website 

Complaints we can help with

We’re able to consider complaints about most kinds of financial products and services provided in or from the UK. Find out more about the types of complaints we can help with. 

Complaints we can help with  

The Small Business Team at the Financial Ombudsman

Find out more about our team of expert investigators and ombudsmen who resolve complaints from small businesses about UK financial firms.

And see how we stay informed and up to date on the issues affecting small-to-medium enterprises with the support of our Advisory Group and Expert Panel